Bank Guidance

Bank Guidance

There are a number of options for banking when operating a business in the Falkland Islands.

Operating a business in any location as remote as the Falkland Islands provides it’s own set of challenges when it comes to banking.  Here we outline some of the options available and are we are happy to support our Members with help and advice in getting set up with accounts, banking facilities and payment options.

Banking has Come a Long Way

The Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce is passionate about helping Falkland Islands businesses gain access to modern banking services, allowing them to make best use of developing technologies and opening their business to customers online, around the world. 

Standard Chartered Bank has been present in the Falkland Islands since 1983 and provides an essential service, but does not offer the facility to accept modern payment methods.  For this reason we have partnered with Gibraltar International Bank and Square, which allows local businesses to accept debit and credit cards.

The global banking sector continues to change rapidly and we’ll work to make sure Falkland Island businesses have access to the services they need to succeed.