Falkland Islands
Climate Pledge

Falkland Islands
Climate Pledge

What is the Falkland Islands Climate Pledge?

The Falkland Islands Climate Pledge aims to guide local businesses towards reducing their environmental impacts and transitioning to net zero carbon. Urgent action is needed to tackle the climate crisis, and the Falkland Islands Climate Pledge will help to coordinate an approach across our business community.

Whilst acknowledging that different businesses will have more scope to act than others, we will provide businesses with tools to measure, report, plan, and act. We will enable businesses to make positive changes to reduce their greenhouse emissions, make their businesses more efficient, and ensure the environment remains at the core of their decision making process.

The Falkland Islands Climate Pledge presents an opportunity for Falklands businesses to join together in taking urgent action on our environment. By sharing knowledge and expertise and taking small steps together, we can make a difference.

What does it mean to join the Falkland Islands Climate Pledge?

Signatories to the pledge commit to four principal areas of action:
Placing the environment at the core of their business

by acknowledging the Climate Crisis and ensuring it is considered in all business decisions and strategic planning, whilst fostering a culture of environmental responsibility across their workforce

Reducing environmental impacts through business change and innovation,

including improvements to efficiency, energy use, materials reductions or substitutions, waste and pollution management, and other strategies. Where feasible, businesses will take steps to measure and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions

Supporting other signatories

by sharing examples of best practice in the Falklands

Participating in projects and strategies to offset or inset carbon emissions

and, where possible, creating and investing in our own local and socially beneficial projects

What benefits will my business gain from joining the Falkland Islands Climate Pledge?

Being a signatory to the Falkland Islands Climate Pledge reinforces your commitment to sustainability, demonstrating that you place the environment at the heart of your business and take action. By signing up to the pledge, you will also have opportunities to come together with other signatories and collaborator organisations for sessions to share knowledge and help develop best practices across the Falklands.

Your business will also be displayed as a signatory on our website and social media, where we will share news on your progress towards net zero. We will also allow you to use the “Falkland Islands Climate Pledge” logo on your own promotional and marketing materials to show the world you are committed to positive change and the transition to a low-carbon economy.

A Pledge That Means Something

We will create a pledge that encourages Falkland Islands businesses to become more environmentally conscious and deliver positive changes to efficiencies and behaviours in their business.

Providing Tools & Resources

We will provide the tools and networking opportunities to allow local businesses of all sizes to measure, report, mitigate and offset their environmental impacts.


We will foster cooperation to allow businesses and other organisations to share knowledge, ideas and best practices for how they can mitigate their environmental impacts and increase efficiencies.

Knowledge & Resource Hub

We will collect and share key resources Falklands Businesses may need to make a difference or to invest in the green economy. We will link together resources from around the Falklands community and provide it all in a single, easily accessible hub.

Telling A Story

We will create a narrative that supports the continued, environmentally sustainable economic development and diversification of the Falkland Islands, sharing updates on our signatories progress and increasing awareness of the Falkland Islands’ private sector environmental achievements

We’re just getting started, and this is the first step on a long journey.

What we do to help our signatories meet their environmental aspirations will need to change as we move towards a green economy together.

Can I join as an individual?

The Pledge requires membership of the Falkland Islands Chamber of Commerce to become a signatory, so is only available to those with an active interest in business in the Falkland Islands. Falklands Conservation is a local Charity that works to protect the environment of the Falkland Islands and may be able to help. Visit their website for more information.

Register your organisation

Download and read the pledge, sign the form and return it to us. Once received we will respond with the next steps you can take to join us on this journey. Contact us for more information.

Register your organisation

Download and read the pledge, sign the form and return it to us. Once received we will respond with the next steps you can take to join us on this journey.